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Quality & Water Supply


Natural Pure water

Arwa Mineral water (SHAMLAN®) is a crystal clear pure natural mineral water guaranteed to be of the highest standard of quality and purity.
Arwa Mineral water Co. is the pioneer in producing Mineral Water in Yemen for more than 30 years.


Modern Technologies

During these past years, Arwa Co. has been continuously pursuing new ways of improving & modernizing the equipment used at its plants. The Company has always been and still is interested in acquiring the latest in mineral water technology.


Professional staff

Specialized professional staff regularly monitors the quality of the drinking water that conforms with the World Health Organization (W.H.O) Standards.

Arwa Mineral Water Composition is follows: (PH 7.1)

Magnesium 9.5 Sulphates < 23
Nitrate 1.5 Chloride 35
Fluoride 0.2 Bicarbonate < 94
Sodium 10 Potassium 1.5
Calcium 16.5 T.D.S 140