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Our Vision

To be the pioneer in producing the natural pure water with the highest quality and the international standards...

Our Mission

To produce healthy pure bottled water that conform the standards of international quality...

Our Principles

We are follows a lot of principles to insure Producing the healthiest and purist water in Yemen.

Our Goals

Arwa mineral water company (Shamlan®) aims to achieve several of goals to reach the highest market share and its as follow:

Social responsibility

As a part of the society, we always participate in building the society and support our local community...

The Purest, Healthiest Water In Yemen



Shamlan area is surrounded by the mountains of Wadi-Daher & plenty of plantation farms. This gives us best quality of pure natural water & the mineral contents...

Production Process

Arwa Mineral water company to insure its product purity implement several production process stages through different section.

Quality came first

Arwa Mineral water (SHAMLAN®) is a crystal clear pure natural water guaranteed to be of the highest standard of quality and purity.
Arwa Mineral water Co. is the pioneer in producing Pure Water in Yemen for more than 40 years.

Keep your body Healthy

You need on average between 1.5 - 2 liters of water everyday just for starters. In hot humid weather, if you're exercising, pregnant or you get a bout of dastro or a summer cold, you need to increase your intake.