The production process goes through the sections identified below:
I.   laboratories section:
1-The Filtering Operation:

In this stage, the mixed blemishes are blocked up while the water is being pumped up form the wells through the primary filters. This operation is implemented in several tanks.


2-The Purification Operation:

In this operation, the water is subjected to an even more accurate cleaning process with the help of a micro filter sterilization process. The water is sterilized while being pumped in to sophisticated compartments working with ultra-violet rays. Then water is subjected to the ozone treatment.



3-Sterilization Operation:

This stage witnesses the most sophisticated sterilization process using a very sophisticated system in accordance to international specification standards.



II. Bottle and Lid manufacturing:

The bottles and lids manufactured in this process. This section is furnished with special machines and it takes us automatically to the third section and final stage in this cycle.

III. filling & packing:

At this final stage, several fully automatic operations occur from the filling of the bottles with the pure sterilized water, to covering the bottles with lids, then sticking the bottles with labels and packing them into boxes.