In recant years, the PET (short for: Poly Etheylene Trephthalate) did the water bottling industries shift to use as containers for mineral water bottling. No wonder, our company, Arwa Mineral Water Company, took the lead in this country.


We opted PET bottles use for many advantages. They are lightweight, very transparent and unbreakable. Furthermore, PET bottles are more persuasive and with great appeal to customers since they are flexible in terms of design and significantly more healthy.


Our chairman wise decision and his long experience in this industry are the main force behind the huge investment in the bottling line for non-returnable PET containers. We decided for German technology and placed our order for the PET bottled blow molding line with KRONES AG expertise.


With in the shortest possible time, they fully automatic PET line was operational since September 2002. Now with highly experienced staff, SHAMLAN brand highly pure ozone-treated mineral water still retains it major share of the Yemen market with newly designed PET bottle.


Since the beginning, as thee first pioneers in pure mineral water bottling company in Yemen since 1978,our main objective was to supply customers safe drinking mineral water all over the country. We established a web of distribution agencies in virtually every city and town. Only SHAMLAN mineral water can be traced in every corner of this country. Children of Yemen were the most to benefit indeed. We are proud of that.